My name is Steve Carne and I was born & bred in picturesque South Devon and my interest in photography first took shape in 1979 when I purchased a Zenith E followed by a Zenith TTL M42. Soon after I was asked to do my first wedding which fortunately for me went well, however it did highlight to me that I was ill prepared, so I decided to hone my skills.

This took shape in wildlife photography which still holds my interest, I then purchased my first Nikon Fe2 shortly followed by the Nikon F301, as the years passed and the constants of life, work and buying a home had settled, I purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon D70s and rekindled my love for photography.

Photography became more & more important to me & after a short period of time a client from my day job suggested I came along to a camera club, shortly after I was asked to do another wedding , this time I had all the equipment I needed.

My favourite "toy" is a Sigma 300-800mm superzoom, this took my passion for wildlife photography to a whole new level allowing me to get close with my subject without interaction .In 2010 I applied for my L.R.P.S. from the royal photographic society, I was successful and decided to buy a Nikon D90 as a stand-in and a new Nikon D3s .